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Sailing & Racing Rules

White Lake Yacht Club Racing

1. Only members, members’ children or children granted special guest status are eligible to skipper in either Senior or Junior series races, or any other Club-sponsored race. A non-member may crew only twice during the racing season. A Crew Membership is required for those non-members who crew more than twice during the season.

2. The skipper shall report to the Race Committee, prior to any race, the name of the non-member crew.

3. Skippers are obligated to serve on the Race Committee or perform other alternative work acceptable to the Chairman of the Race Committee.

4. See the current sailing instructions as published by the Race Advisory Committee for additional details.

5. Races will be governed by the International Yacht Racing Rules, the prescriptions of the US Sailing Association, the rules of the applicable national yacht association class(es) (except as altered by local rules) and by the WLYC sailing instructions.

6. Sailing lessons are offered by the White Lake Sailing School.

7. Each Skipper is required to pay a WLYC race fee which is set each season by the executive committee. This fee shall apply to all skippers age 22 and over. Any skipper who has not paid this fee will not be scored.