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Club Rules

White Lake Yacht Club

Membership Rules

The White Lake Yacht Club is a private Club operated for the use and benefit of the members. The rule, Members Only, is firmly established for all of the Club’s operation.

1. Membership is limited to three hundred thirty paid memberships plus any elected honorary memberships.

a. Children of active members may be admitted to membership without regard to the above limit.

2. Membership Categories:

a. Family membership is for:

1. a married couple with or without dependent children
2. a single parent with dependent children

b. Single membership is for an unmarried individual with no dependents.

c. Senior membership is for a couple or single person who:

1. Has 10 or more years of continuous membership (beginning in 2007)
2. Is at least 70 years old.
3. Will not be eligible to apply for special guest status.

d. Junior membership is for unmarried individuals ages 26-29 with no dependents.

e. Individuals and their family members who are participating in events hosted by the White Lake Yacht Club and who are members in good standing of their respective sailing class association or yacht club, shall be considered reciprocal members of the White Lake Yacht Club for the duration of the event with the same rights and privileges as regular members.

f. Visiting Yachtsmen and their family members, who are members in good standing of their respective sailing class association or yacht club, shall be considered bona-fide members of the White Lake Yacht Club for the duration of their visit with the same rights and privileges as regular members.

3. The membership fee covers regular activities and the facilities of the Club.

a. Terms of payment for dues and fees, and penalties for delinquent dues may be set by the Executive Committee.

b. Members with delinquent dues on March 15th shall forfeit their membership.

c. Re-affiliation is based on at least one year lapsed membership.

4. Non-members may be guests only twice during the season with the following exceptions:

a. A single member or a child of any member may bring an escort to Club functions for an unlimited number of times.

b. House guests of a member will be extended guest privileges for no more than seven days

c. Guests must be accompanied by a member

5. A person who qualifies in the following three ways shall be eligible for special guest status as provided hereinafter: the person(s)

a. Shall not have attained the age of nineteen years by the first day of September of the current year;

b. Parent(s) or guardian live outside Muskegon County and will not be in the White Lake area for any period or periods of time. June through August of the current year, that will total seven days;

c. Shall, during the period or parental absence, reside with and be the entire responsibility of a member of the Club.

Said person shall be awarded special guest status during said period of parental absence if said member submits a written request to an Officer of the Club and if said request is approved by any two Officers and recorded in the minutes of a meeting of the Executive Committee.

6. A child of a member or a child granted special guest status is eligible to enroll in the Junior Yacht Club if they have not reached their 19th birthday by September 1 of the year in which they enroll.

7. All re-affiliations must pay the required fee.

a. Members who forfeit membership may re-affiliate under the provisions for Election to Membership with the same status as that of a new applicant.

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Clubhouse Rules

1. The Club season is Memorial Day through Labor Day.

2. Operation hours are seasonal and subject to change. Please see the Calendar on for clubhouse hours on any given day.

3. No smoking within the Club building or on Club grounds, except in designated area.

4. Individuals are not permitted to sell items at the Club without prior approval of the Executive Committee.

5. No wet swimming suits or clothes in the clubhouse, except in the dressing rooms. After swimming, use outside doors to enter dressing rooms.

6. Do not dispose of any solid materials in toilets.

7. Michigan Liquor Control Commission:

a. White Lake Yacht Club (“WLYC” or the “Club”) is required to abide by the rules and regulations of the Michigan Liquor Control Commission (“MLCC”). MLCC rules and regulations regarding the sale and use of alcohol shall be observed at all times by members, reciprocal members, guests, and staff.

b. Alcohol may be sold only to bona-fide club members who have attained the age of twenty-one (21) years. Bona-fide club members include those persons who are: (1) annual dues paying members of White Lake Yacht Club; or (2) visiting yachtsman who are members of a respective sailing class association or yacht club. All bona-fide club members, whether permanent or visiting, must be in good standing with their respective club or sailing association. The Club is prohibited by law from selling alcohol to any non-member.

c. Alcohol may be sold to members by cash only, which includes the use of a debit card, credit card, or Aloha gift card through the Club’s point-of-sale (“POS”) system. All member alcohol purchases are due and payable as incurred.

d. The Club must refuse service to anyone who is visibly intoxicated. The Club will not serve anyone under the legal drinking age of twenty-one (21) or allow anyone under the legal drinking age to consume alcohol anywhere on the Club premises. All persons are required to identify themselves or show proof of age upon request of the Manager or Club staff.

e. WLYC has adopted a zero tolerance policy prohibiting anyone under the legal drinking age of twenty-one (21) from possessing, selling, purchasing, transporting, or using alcohol on the Club premises.

f. Any member who allows a minor to have access to alcohol on the Club premises will be asked to leave the Club premises immediately.

g. Private alcohol cannot be brought into the Club or anywhere on the Club premises by any member, reciprocal member, guest, or staff. A member may transport a private supply of alcohol to his/her boat, so long as the private supply of alcohol remains on that member’s boat.

h. All alcohol must be purchased and consumed within the Club’s licensed premises. The licensed premises includes the WLYC building and the designated outdoor service areas, as approved by the MLCC and identified by the appropriate outdoor signage. Canned, bottled, or open alcohol will not be sold on a “to go” basis.

i. Any WLYC function which involves the use of alcohol must be a scheduled function approved by the Board of Directors.

j. No alcohol may be sold, purchased, or consumed anywhere within the pool area, including the pool deck area.

k. Private supplies of alcohol must remain on your boat at all times. A member or guest may consume private alcohol on his/her boat; however, private supplies of alcohol are NOT allowed on the WLYC docks or anywhere on the Club premises.

l. Any WLYC employee who is determined to have knowingly served a minor, or has served a minor resulting in a MLCC alcohol violation, will be immediately terminated from employment.

m. Any under-age WLYC member who provides false identification in an attempt to purchase alcohol from WLYC will have their ID confiscated and WLYC may, at the discretion of the Executive Committee, report the event to local law enforcement.

n. Any member who violates a provision of these MLCC rules will have their membership immediately suspended. The incident will be reviewed by the Executive Committee and may result in membership revocation or long-term suspension.

o. The purpose of these rules is to promote a pleasant Club atmosphere and to maximize Club compliance with the MLCC, thereby minimizing potential Club liability for violation of these rules, including those rules which make the Club liable for the acts of intoxicated persons or minors. It is the duty of each member to give the Club their full support and cooperation.


1. A member that provides alcohol to a minor (under age 21) at a WLYC event or on the premises of WLYC will have their membership revoked.

2. A member or non-member that is a minor and an employee of WLYC or White Lake Sailing School (WLSS) that is found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs at a WLYC or WLSS event will be terminated from employment.

3. An employee of WLYC that is believed by WLYC management to have knowingly served a minor or serves a minor resulting in a MLCC liquor violation and citation will be terminated from employment.

4. An under-age WLYC member that provides false identification in an attempt to purchase alcohol at WLYC will have their ID confiscated and WLYC may at it’s discretion report the event to local law enforcement.

8. Pets must remain aboard boats, or be walked on a leash. Pets may not be tied to anything on the property. Pets should be curbed at the top of the hill east of the parking area and owner is responsible for cleaning up all droppings.

9. Reservations for social functions:

a. Can be made by phone or in person.

b. Payment is due when reservations are made.

c. Cancellations will not be accepted after the reservation deadline for the function.

10. Riding of bicycles, scooters, skateboards, rollerblades and other wheeled apparatus is not permitted on the decking, docks or immediately adjacent to the pool or clubhouse.

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Pool Rules

Hours of Operation
Mon. – Fri. During Swim School & 12:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Sat. – Sun. 9:30 am – 8:00 pm

Adult Swim
Mon. – Fri. (except holidays) 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Sat. & Sun. 9:30 – 10:30 am

General Rules
Some regulations are necessary because of the effect of certain behaviors and materials on the water filters. These filters are for the purpose of removing foreign matter from the water. Since they are absolutely necessary for pool operations and very expensive to clean or replace, it is mandatory we do all we can to lessen the workload on them. The pool can be a safe and enjoyable place for all.

1. Food, candy, gum, beverages, glass containers, etc. are not permitted in the pool area. Water is allowed.

2. No smoking in the pool area.

3. All bandages, band-aids, etc. must be removed before entering the pool. Afflicted area must be inspected by a staff member prior to using the pool.

4. Bathing caps are not required.

5. Pets are not allowed in the pool area at any time.

6. Proper attire is required of all members and guests.

7. State law requires that all persons take a soap shower before entering the pool.

8. Children who are not toilet trained shall be fitted with water diapers, tight rubber pants and swimsuit.

9. Swim fins, snorkels, and masks may be used only with the permission of the staff member on duty. Permission depends on pool conditions. No inflatable equipment or paraphernalia are allowed in the pool. “Noodles” are acceptable with proper use.

10. A non-swimmer may wear a Coast Guard P.F.D. (lifejacket) and remain in the shallow end of the pool. No water wings, rings or suits with floatation devices are permitted.

11. Running, horseplay, and towel snapping are prohibited.

12. Only pool staff members are permitted in the pump house.

13. Only staff members are allowed to use the lifeguard chair.

14. Discipline will be handled by the pool staff. Inappropriate behavior may result in loss of pool privileges.

15. A lane divider may be installed in the pool at times for the use of swimmers wanting to use it for laps. Others, not swimming laps, are requested to stay clear of this lane. The Lifeline across the pool is used to identify the areas of shallow and deep water. Swimmers are not to hang on or play with it.

16. Children age 8 and under must be accompanied by a parent or responsible person approved by the pool staff.

17. For children 9 years of age or older, the WATER TEST below shall be used to demonstrate sufficient swimming ability so that the child can use the pool safely unattended.

a. Swim two lengths of the pool with any coordinated stroke.

b. Dive into the deep end and swim underwater for 10 yards before surfacing.

c. Tread water in the deep end for 60 seconds.

Successful passing of this WATER TEST admits the child to use the entire pool without parental attendance. Parents should notify the lifeguard upon entering the pool if their child 9 years or older has not passed the water test.

18. Members must sign in their guests when entering the pool.

19. No back dives, gainers or back flips off the board. One bounce only, one person on the board at a time. Do not go off the board until the area around the board is clear of swimmers.

20. During Adult Swim time (Mon-Fri 4:30-5:30 pm except holidays, Weekends 9:30-10:30 am) only persons 18 years or older may be in the pool area.

Pool Guest Obligations

1. Guest privileges are intended to permit members to enjoy their Club’s facilities with friends and family. (Membership Rules #4: non-members may visit the Club no more than twice during the season, houseguests may visit no more than seven days per season.)

2. Guests must be accompanied by a member.

3. All guests must be signed in when they first enter the pool area.

4. Guests must observe Club rules.

5. Caregivers (including baby-sitters) who are non-members will not be limited in attendance provided the following requirements are met.

a. Caregiver must be 14 years or older.

b. Parent or guardian must complete caregiver form and submit it to the Pool Administrator for approval in advance.

c. Upon entering the pool area, caregiver will sign in and identify themselves to the lifeguard.

d. Caregiver will be observant and actively involved with those for whom they are responsible.

e. This privilege is granted only when the caregiver is “on duty.”

Pool Closing Regulations

The pool may be closed upon order of the pool staff for the following conditions:

1. When the air temperature is less than 55 degrees.

2. When the temperature of the pool water is less then 65 degrees.

3. Whenever the chlorine, Ph, turbidity, or bacteria controls are not maintained within the safe limits specified by the Health Department.

4. Whenever the pool filtration equipment is not operating properly.

5. When so ordered by a lawful representative of the Health Department.

6. During tornado warnings.

7. During periods of lightning or steady rainfall.

8. Upon discovery of any dangerous materials in the pool, such as broken glass, etc., until the pool can be cleaned and the hazardous condition corrected.

9. At the discretion of the lifeguard for other safety reasons.

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Waterfront Rules

General Rules

1. The official season is Memorial Day to Labor Day.

2. Alcoholic beverages purchased at the Club may only be consumed in designated areas. Private stocks must remain aboard boats.

3. Cooking grills may not be used on any dock. Designated areas behind the pool are available.

4. The driveway may be used for loading and unloading only. Cars should be parked at the top of the hill. except for approved handicap usage.

5. Pets must remain aboard owner’s boats except when being walked on a leash. Pets are not to be tied to posts on the dock or anywhere else on the property. Pets must be curbed on top of the hill east of the parking area.

6. Space assignments for slips will be controlled by the Dock Administrator. Waterfront space assignments for lifts on the scow dock will be controlled by the Scow Dock Administrator. Beach areas will be controlled by the Beach Administrator. Mooring spaces will be controlled by the Mooring Administrator. Payment by established due dates is required to reserve space. Current waiting lists, established by dated, written requests to the appropriate Administrator, and accompanied by a $50.00 fee for each wait list, will be posted in the clubhouse.

7. All waterfront fees are approved by the Executive Committee.

8. Payment of 1/4 of the established fee for slips shall be made by October 15 of the preceding year. The balance is due by March 15. If the required payment has not been received by March 15, the slip or mooring space may be reassigned. The applicant’s deposit may be returned, upon request, if a slip or mooring cannot be provided.

9. No member, guest or visiting yachtsmen shall operate a commercial enterprise out of the WLYC basin.

10. No slip or mooring may be kept by a member for more than one year without having the boat, owned by the slip or mooring renter and specified in the slip or mooring rental contract, in that slip or on that mooring. The appropriate fee must be paid to keep the slip or mooring with or without the boat. To ensure slips and moorings are used to the fullest extent possible, those assigned slips and moorings must keep the boat owned by the slip or mooring renter in the slip or on the mooring no fewer than 4 weeks per season. If a slip or mooring renter does not adhere to having a boat owned by the slip or mooring renter in the rented slip or mooring for at least four weeks for two consecutive seasons, the slip or mooring renter will forfeit their slip or mooring. Any boat in the slip or on the mooring not owned by the slip or mooring renter will be assessed a visiting yacht fee. The Club may rent the slip or mooring on a seasonal or daily basis when it is not in use.

11. Members may have any of the following: two slips, two moorings, or one mooring and one slip.

12. An area between the permanent mooring area and the lift dock is reserved for temporary moorings for the racing fleet. These buoys and moorings will be placed, removed, and maintained by racing skippers. Use and placement will be administered by the Race Committee Chairman.

13. Members are reminded to maneuver at the minimum speed possible when inside the basin on either side of the main dock. Your wake is your responsibility.

14. Dock boxes for outside slips must be approved by the Waterfront Committee.

Dock Rules

1. Seasonal slip users shall advise the Club Manager and the Dock Administrator when the slip will be unoccupied (overnight or longer). The Club Manager will rent to members or visiting yacht guests, and will clear the slip prior to the slip renter’s return. Please inform the Club Manager and the Dock Administrator of the day and time of return.

2. Slips may not be subleased.

3. Reservations for overnight slip or dock use will be accepted by the Club Manager from members only. Reservations may be made not more than 1 day in advance and must be paid if not canceled prior to the time of the reservation.

4. One-half the visiting yachtsmen fee is due for any member wishing to keep their boat at the dock overnight.

5. Overnight docking by members follows the same rules as for visiting yachts, except members may stay a maximum of 21 days per season.

6. When docked, all boats must be properly secured to prevent damage to adjacent boats.

7. No tie-off to moored boats or docked boats is allowed without permission of the owner.

8. Rafting is encouraged in order to make room for the maximum number of boats at dockside.

9. The lee side of the Youngquist dock will be reserved for racing skippers on race days. The weather side may be used by members on the same basis as other dock areas.

10. Canopies or the canopy structure is not allowed on lifts.

Mooring Area Rules

1. Only boats owned by WLYC members will be allowed to use the mooring area. The mooring fee must be paid each year by those with permanent moorings. (See Waterfront General Rule #8 for payment schedule.)

2. To be assigned a mooring, a member must submit a completed application for a mooring to the Mooring Administrator along with an application deposit. A waiting list for moorings if needed will be established and posted in the Club. (Waterfront Rule #6)

3. The mooring weight, chain, and buoy are supplied and placed by the Yacht Club. Members are responsible and liable for their own pennants. Two separate pennants from the buoy to the boat are required.

4. Pennants shall not exceed 3 times the length of the distance from the bow chock to the water, plus the distance from the bow chock to the bow cleat.

5. To insure the mooring area is used to the fullest extent possible, those assigned moorings must keep the boat owned by the mooring renter, and specified in the mooring rental contract, on the mooring no fewer than 4 weeks per season. Any boat on the mooring not owned by the mooring renter will be assessed a visiting yacht fee.

6. A mooring user will be allowed only one season for their area to go unused (see Waterfront Rule #10).

7. A member may have two moorings or one mooring and one slip (see Waterfront Rule #11).

8. A mooring may not be subleased.

9. A beach fee is included each season for one dinghy and/or tender. These must be stored in the area provided and not left on the beach west of the scow dock. (That beach area is for small sailboat use only.)

Beach and Lift Area Rules

1. The beach, small boat racks and scow dock to the east of the Youngquist dock are reserved for sailing craft and boats used in the racing programs and the sailing school. The beach is to be used for rigging, loading etc. and no boat is to be left at the water’s edge for more than four hours. Lifts must have the owner’s name on the wheel.

2. Dinghies serving the mooring area must be stored in the dinghy area. No one is to leave sails, etc., unattended on the Club lawns. Don’t stand on the small boat racks; they are designed to bear only the weight of the boats. Small boats must be tied down by the owner.

3. Because space is limited, lift spaces are for racing sailboats only. Finger docks are not allowed. A waiting list for lift space will be maintained by the Scow Dock Administrator and posted in the clubhouse.

4. Fees for scow lifts and beach spaces are to be paid by March 15 or within 30 days of the postmark on the billing letter whichever is the later. An abandoned lift or a boat left unpaid for one year may be removed by the club at the owner’s expense.

5. Motorboats may use the west side Youngquist dock for temporary tie-up (up to six hours per day). The floating dock on the east side of the Youngquist dock is for short term tie-up by sailboats only (being launched or sailed). No powerboats, or dinghies are to be tied to the floating dock. The race committee boat shall be docked on the west side of the Youngquist dock.

6. The Scow Dock Administrator shall arrange the position of the scow dock, small boat racks and initial placement of the lifts. Purchase of lifts, lift maintenance and repairs, lift liability, lift adjustment and final positioning is the responsibility of the owner. The Waterfront Committee will set specifications for the owner lifts. Any replacement and/or new lift must be made of lightweight aluminum with the weight capacity to fit the size of the boat. Lifts will need approval from the Waterfront Committee prior to being placed on the scow dock. Suggested points of purchase and estimated pricing are available from the Waterfront Committee. A broken lift will not be placed at the scow dock in the spring. The owner must repair and place it or remove it from the Club by Memorial Day. If a lift is considered abandoned, the club will charge the lift owner $200 for removal from property.

7. The Scow Dock Administrator shall provide a list of scow lift users and the Beach Administrator shall provide a list of boats on the beach to the Treasurer.

8. Boats must be removed from lifts before the end of the second week of September. At lift removal time, lifts with boats still on them will not be removed by the Club and owner shall be responsible for removal at his/her own expense.

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Sailing and Racing Rules

1. Only members, members’ children or children granted special guest status are eligible to skipper in either Senior or Junior series races, or any other Club-sponsored race. A non-member may crew only twice during the racing season. A Crew Membership is required for those non-members who crew more than twice during the season.

2. The skipper shall report to the Race Committee, prior to any race, the name of the non-member crew.

3. Skippers are obligated to serve on the Race Committee or perform other alternative work acceptable to the Chairman of the Race Committee.

4. See the current sailing instructions as published by the Race Advisory Committee for additional details.

5. Races will be governed by the International Yacht Racing Rules, the prescriptions of the US Sailing Association, the rules of the applicable national yacht association class(es) (except as altered by local rules) and by the WLYC sailing instructions.

6. Sailing lessons are offered by the White Lake Sailing School.

7. Each Skipper is required to pay a WLYC race fee which is set each season by the executive committee. This fee shall apply to all skippers age 22 and over. Any skipper who has not paid this fee will not be scored.

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Visiting Yacht Rules

Welcome to the White Lake Yacht Club. The following rules are for your information, please observe. If you have any questions, see one of our staff in the Anchor Room or ask to speak to one of our officers. We are a family club with many varied activities and very friendly people. Please inquire about participating in any of our activities.

1. Your stay is limited by our rules to a 6-day single visit and a total of 14 days per season.

2. Visiting yachtsmen must register their boat and pay the dockage fees as soon as practical after arrival.

3. Checkout time is 12:00 noon.

4. The pool is available for your enjoyment at no additional cost. Hours are from 12:30 – 8 pm M-F, 10 am – 8 pm Sat. and Sun. Adult Swim is 4-5 pm Monday – Friday and 9:30 – 10:30 am Saturday and Sunday. An Aquarobics class meets 4-5 pm Monday and Thursday. A nominal fee may apply. If you plan to swim, please sign in when entering the pool area. Notify the lifeguard that you are from a visiting yacht and have paid the dockage fees.

5. Private supplies of liquor will not be allowed on the Yacht Club dock or in the Clubhouse at any time. You may drink your liquor on your boat, but no where else. This is a Michigan Liquor Control Commission rule.

6. WLYC has adopted a zero tolerance policy prohibiting minors from possessing, selling, purchasing, transporting or using alcohol on the Club premises.

7. Pets must remain aboard owners’ boats or they can be walked on a leash. For sanitary purposes, please take them up the hill to the left of the parking lot and clean up all droppings.

8. Cooking grills may not be used on any Yacht Club dock nor on a boat while docked. A designated area is available for grilling.

9. A luggage cart is available for your use on the dock to assist in carrying supplies.

10. Bathroom outside doors are accessible 24 hours a day with access code.

11. Quiet hours are 11:00 pm to 8:00 am

12. Operation of Gensets or Generators are prohibited in the yacht basin during the quiet time hours.

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